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Demo Reel

Project Peru

I traveled to Peru with a team from Durham College in the fall of 2016. Our goal: document the success of our school's partnership with a school in Trujillo.


In just over a week: We shot hours of footage, learned all there was to know about the partnership and  I interviewed countless key players.


The months following our return home included hours of planning, writing, voicing and editing. This is the final product.

Morning Report

The Morning Report is something I developed in my year working at CJDC-TV News.


It's a concept of my own that I'm very proud of. 


My goal was to make a morning newscast completely geared towards social media.


Basically, something people can watch while eating breakfast or waiting for their ride to work.

Something that recaps the top stories their friends/coworkers will likely be talking about all day but is brief enough to fit into an Instagram story.

I made the logo myself; chose the name, music and graphics; and I wrote, voiced and edited it myself each day.

April 24, 2019
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April 23, 2019
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April 17, 2019
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April 16, 2019
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